I used the word steer twice

Over seven months ago I said I would keep up with this better and I DIDN'T! I will put a positive spin on things and say that it is because I have been so busy. And that is true. I am well-embarked on a new music endeavor. I'm very excited because I think this is going to be a big one for me. I'm working with people who are ideologically aligned--that music can and should be for everyone in Baltimore and we should break down as many barriers to access as we possibly can.

I'm also living in NYC for pretty much the whole summer, trying to have a true vacation with regular practice and some meetings/planning/more planning thrown in. I'm not giving myself a hard time right now!

I used the month of January to plan the rest of my year. I was listening to a podcast where one of the people said they don't get much done in Q1 and they don't beat themselves up over it. I hear that! But something I did decide to do in Q1 was to help steer my life in one direction. I mulled and agonized and prayed about what I want my lasting contribution to the world to be, and I have decided that I want to ensure that art, particularly music, will endure in perpetuity on this planet.

How do I do that? Don't trash the planet, play awesome music, find the money for worthy projects, and help train the next generation of music lovers/musicians. I don't know if my idea of a "life's mission statement" will help or hurt others, but it's working for me. I can look at projects/concerts/commitments and weigh them against my mission and that certainly helps me decide what I should and shouldn't do.

An extremely important note is that I am in a two-income household, and therefore I am sometimes able to do things for less than I deserve because I'm no longer a starving artist. Just a slightly poor one. I just have a little more freedom to take on what I think is very important work that I think will help a lot of people--what a blessing for me AND for you!

Bed time!