Update/Kika's Recipe for Success-ipe

I'm coming off of a very busy weekend--I had a recording project that is now 50% done and a gig with my Pittsburgh chamber group. I have been teaching and working hard on getting a position at another school in DC. I got hired to work at the Sphinx conference this winter as an aide! I'm also running a fundraiser for Mind on Fire--donate here! I also celebrated early Thanksgiving with my family so that next week I can have regular Thanksgiving with ADB's family. I'll also be going to New York for a day or two. It is a lot, but the busier the better. This is my method for success--
-I have my iCal open on my computer at all times and I worked very hard to make sure that every calendar I have is synced with one another. Right now I am using just using the iPhone calendar app, but at a certain point, I realized that I was putting commitments on my computer calendar and they weren't making it onto my phone. I messed around with Google calendar until I fixed it. I cannot tell you how to do this, other than mess around with Google calendar and don't make a commitment and forget. I learned this the hard way and had to participate in a board meeting on the phone while riding the bus to Pittsburgh. 

-I have a Moleskine planner that has a blank page for notes. I put every commitment in it, even if the commitment has passed. I check in with my planner once a week. I have found that I favor the calendar app, but every now and then someone will be talking to me on the phone and I have to write it down somewhere.

-Never let anything discourage you because a goal worth "goaling" is never easily achieved. Look for your teensiest win and use it a motivation for your next win. Don't give up. Just don't ever give up. Even if it's tempting and probably easier. Just don't do it. If you want it, don't give up. I know everyone says this, but I'm telling you. I have to fight the urge to quit about 100 days a year. It's natural and I also don't like doing hard things. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I have done the hard thing.

-Be in constant contact--it's better to be in touch and on top of your projects than it is to always be catching up. One of my old bassoon teachers once said that when you meet a challenge, you have to attack it. To me, that means--if you have to do something you don't want to do, ask for help and give it your all. Don't ignore it until thinking about it makes you want to barf. No barfing. If you can't do something, ask someone for help. I did not ask for help in math for 30 years. Now that I am married to a math person I ask for help constantly, but maybe I could have been a math person if I would have asked for help.

-Cherish yourself. Sleep sleep sleep. Just sleep. Do what you have to do to get the sleep. Even if it's three hours at night and an hour nap and then another nap. Hydrate! I like to think of drinking water as a way of caring for myself. I tell my students to treat themselves like an egg. You wouldn't throw an egg against a wall. You would carry it carefully in two hands and set it down gently and you would not say negative things to it. You are a precious and delicate egg. Treat yourself accordingly.

Okay I'm going to bed,