Ask and you shall receive!


Baltimore is hot.  It's not the hottest place ever, but it's probably the hottest place I have ever lived. Our apartment is on the top floor of a building with a flat roof, so our house is like a heat sink. As you can imagine, practicing a double reed instrument with high humidity is like killing me.

What's a girl to do? I'm normally very shy, so anytime I need to ask for something I just don't do it. But this is a desperate time. So, I asked at a local university if I could use their practice rooms (it's not a music school, but it does have a building that has some rehearsal space). And you know what? They said yes!

Rejection doesn't feel good, and sometimes you feel stupid for asking, but every now and then it works out. Always be super polite and make sure your emails have no misspellings and grammar mistakes, and good things may come your way.

This ends my lecture for the day.