Home again home again

I'm back in Baltimore after four days in New Orleans Louisiana! 

Louisiana is one of my favorite places to visit for many different reasons--

1. the food

2. the people

3. the culture

It wasn't easy for me to move to Canada for two years, mostly because I was separated from my family and my partner and my little dog. But also, the sun doesn't shine very much in the winter which can really bum me out. But aside from that, Toronto was great, the people I met were great, Glenn Gould was great, etc etc. But anyway, being able to go back to my favorite American city for a few days with a good friend was just what I needed. I feel more and more like myself every day. And in turn I wake up ready to practice and excited for what is to come.

Today, Adrian, Spike and I went to the farmer's market in our neighborhood and we bought four little pies. We bought two last week at a DIFFERENT farmer's market, and then I left for Louisiana and I didn't get to eat them! But this week is gonna be better.

See y'all later!