Buying a big planner and other leaps of faith

Greetings all! 

So guys--I bought a big planner. It's big, it's Moleskine. It's beautiful, I have space to write my thoughts and I also add a to-do list that I tape inside the planner and it is BOSS. But here is the thing--I bought it when I didn't know if I would even need it. I don't have a "job" and I wasn't getting so many calls, there aren't a ton of auditions coming up. But I bought this planner! Because I believe it's going to fill up and we're going to have a nice year together.

I came to Baltimore not knowing what would happen to me. I was feeling kind of bad until my friend Mark (MAAAARK IS AWESOME!) told me about an new music orchestra that was having auditions for bassoon. And I won! It's been great. All the members are really engaged in the process of not just learning the music, but promoting, fundraising, etc. It's been great and there is an argument to be made that this will be the model of orchestras in the future.  We played our first concert and it was a gas! We have another concert (strings only) coming up in the next few weeks. More information on that here.

I'm also playing some concerts in Western Pennsylvania. My friend called me out of the blue to sub for some children's concerts and I'm playing with some really great players in November, which you can learn about here or on my events page.

So I guess I just have to have some faith about my abilities and faith that the Lord wants me to work and he wants Spike to eat. It's also good advice for everyone who works in the arts that if you want to work, be nice and keep in touch with everyone. When you move to a new town, let people know! They will help you if they have happy memories of working with you before!

So ends my sermon.